Personal info


I began to tutor because I was good at it and I enjoyed it. I am currently a student at Ohio University. I am studying mathematics. I am torn between teaching Highschool and College level. I love to learn and I love to teach. Although my main focus is math, I am very well rounded at every subject at every educational level upto High School.  I graduated from Logan High School with Honors, and attended Ohio University post-secondary. I am an Eagle Scout. I was in scouts for 8 years, and I help out with my old troop occasionally. I am also a member of the First Baptist Church of Logan, Ohio. I teach sunday school, children's church, and help with vacation bible school.

Work experience


Kitchen Staff

2011 - 2013


I worked as a Kitchen Staff member for Camp Akita.


Kitchen Manager

2013 - 2014


I was promoted at Camp Akita to Kitchen Manager. I was in charge the cooking of the food, portions, cleaning, customer service, planning and implimenting of everyday tasks to the kitchen staff.

Pastoring experience


High School

2010 - Present


I have tutored many High School students at Logan Hocking Highschool.



2012 - Present


I donated my time tutoring many elementary students at Central Elementary between 2012-2014.



2013 - Present


I tutored several College students at Ohio University.











What I Tutor


  • Any Elementary, Middle, or High School Class

  • MATH D005 - Intermediate Algebra

  • MATH 1090 - Consumer Math

  • MATH 1101 - Elementary Topics in Math I

  • MATH 1102 -  Elementary Topics in Math II

  • MATH 1200 - College Algebra

  • MATH 1300 - Pre-Calculus

  • MATH 1350 - Survey of Calculus

  • MATH 2301 - Calculus I

  • MATH 2302 - Calculus II

  • MATH 2500 - Intro to Statisitics

  • MATH 3050 - Discrete Math


Technical Skills


PC / Mac



Windows 365 (and similiar)

Web Design



Ohio University

2014 - present


Mathematics Major

2010 - present

2010 - present

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